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Arccorrosion is ready to provide the best service in the field of surface treatment tehnologies to you-valuable companies. Arccorrosion make this service with its constanty improving dynamic team according the problems and needs occurred in totaly different sectors.

*Proper project design

*Equipment selection are completely suitable for the project which customer need.

*The knowledge and experience based on ages and various projects in minimum operating cost and maximum efficiency.

The addressed sectors are various and the common points of them is the fight against on corrosion. In this field, We have engineering , delivery&installation service in all sectors where steel is used. Some of them; marine vehicles, bridges, on-vehicle, on-truck equipments, all steel construction manufacturing, and dams. While we make these projects with maximum efficiency, we use our own systems which are designed by our engineers.

Our principle which we applied on all our completed projects, delivered machines and including the supply chain process, is ”The guarantee of success and continuity in trade is honesty and quality on service.”

Our quality policy

As an arcorrosion, we produce in accordance with international standards. With our professional teams, we serve with the principle of integrity and quality as a guarantee of success.

Our basic principles are;

• does not compromise the quality of products and services

• certify the compliance of all machinery and equipment produced and assembled with quality standards

• Continuous improvement of quality management system through research and development studies

• Provide the service in accordance with the conditions of the quality management system

• Ensuring customer satisfaction under all conditions

Our environmental policy;

• As a company, we will not harm the ecological balance with all our activities,

• We will work to improve the degree of environmental awareness of relevant parts,

• we will ensure that waste is minimized, reused and recycled whenever possible, and waste that cannot be used are eliminated by appropriate methods;

• We will ensure the effective use of energy, raw materials and natural resources,

• We will continually develop and improve our management system,

• We will provide all the types of protection necessary to prevent the negative effects on the health of the employees and the people who will be affected by our activities and to control the accidents, damages and dangers on our property and other people at the beginning,

• In this direction, we will develop the awareness of the environment and the health and safety of the employees and we will transform the understanding of the CISK management system into a life philosophy,

• We will monitor the risks related to health and safety at work with the same sensitivity and we will make the necessary effort to minimize them

• We will comply with our legal obligations, the applicable environmental legislation and the SSM and the conditions of the organizations where we are members,

• We will work to improve the degree of awareness on the environment and SSM of relevant parts,

• We will adapt the philosophy of continuous improvement and systems to the management system in all processes and we will continuously improve its effectiveness, we will assimilate it to the whole staff and increase the market share, profitability and competitive power in this direction,

Following the technological innovations in the concomitant sector with everyone, we are committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our customers in accordance with the requirements of the management system, with our management team and modern trained personnel.